Our mission

Accompany organizations and their employees
towards a more sustainable performance

The 5 pillars of our approach

We contribute to increasing the value of companies, their teams and their employees by exploring the mechanisms that link balance, well-being and sustainable performance. Our absorbing courses and effective solutions inspire everyone to give their best.

Our Courses

Our trainers

Itao is a team of dynamic coaches who are passionate about our work. We bring experience, energy, new ideas and pride to our professions. We are committed to passing on our knowledge and skills in a caring and respectful manner.

Fabio Pasquali

Fascinated by human interaction and the subtleties of communication, Fabio is a strong motivator. He helps managers and their teams improve collaboration and achieve improved, sustainable performance.

  • Leadership and Sales Seminars
  • Coaching and Team Building
  • Organizational Development

Ben Hancock

An experienced trainer in Australia with an abundance of energy, Ben generates commitment and leads employees towards a better understanding of their role and purpose in the workplace.

  • Sales and Leadership Seminars
  • Team Building and Company Outings
  • Health and Safety

Hassan Zein

Investment Banking veteran turned entrepreneur in Automotive water preservation.

Hassan has then helped 7,000+ individuals through Career Design Training and Coaching and over 650+ clients as an Entrepreneurship Consultant.

  • Leadership and Executive Coaching
  • Health and Safety
  • Entrepreneurship Consulting

Carla Spielmann

Former top-level sportswoman and “Youth and Sport” coach, Carla has extensive training experience. A convincing educator, she helps companies to improve the health of their employees.

  • Health and Safety

Markus Suter

Sport physiotherapist, Markus is also in charge of vocational training at Physiovaud. Through his health expertise and his professionalism, he accompanies organizations towards a better culture of balance.

  • Health and Safety

Manuela Lötscher

Manuela is a specialist in corporate health management and is completing her studies as an psychologist in Fribourg. An excellent communicator, she delivers an impactful accident prevention message.

  • Health and Safety

Charles Burckhardt

A trained ergonomist with extensive experience in sports and nutrition coaching, Charles raises awareness to improve health and safety integration.

  • Health and Safety

Petra Kohoutová

Petra is a dynamic communicator and versatile athlete. She leads teams and individuals with enthusiasm and compassion.

  • Events and Street Marketing
  • Team Building et Company Outings

Matt Gehri

Motivated by movement and the emotions it generates, Matt has years of experience in sports teaching. With his freshness and simplicity, he guides the trainings with authenticity and accompanies the participants with kindness.

  • Health and Safety

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